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Best Shade Sail Design Ideas

If you’re ready to rediscover your backyard or your business’ courtyard this summer, but are not committed to investing in a patio or pergola, a shade sail is an economic way to protect your family, guests or workers from the harsh Adelaide sun. While the humble shade sailmight not initially strike you as a central outdoor design element, they can in fact have a huge bearing on the final look and feel of your outdoor area. It’s important to choose the right shade sail to achieve your desired look – whatever that might be.


The design can greatly alter the look. For example, a free-standing dome-shaped commercial shade structure will look completely different to a bright, triangular shade sail that’s supported between existing structures. For great design inspiration for your home or business, take a look at some of our favourite shade sale design ideas below.


Mid-century modern

For a mid-century modern shade sail design à la Mad Men, create swooping shapes by levelling each corner of a rectangular sail at a different height. This look is very on-trend this year as clean, swooping lines feature in architecture.


Relaxed bohemian

For a relaxed, modern bohemian feel, incorporate a loud colour pop that ties in with your outdoor décor. This is a great look for creating a relaxed yet fun atmosphere in home yards, beer gardens and cafés.


Bright and bold

Bright and bold shade sail designs with vibrant colours are perfect for a fun feel at a school, pool or kids’ play area.


Structured, architectural

Angular, architectural designs are great for bar areas and festivals and events as they can be blended with the design of existing structures to compliment the architecture and décor.


Simple and sophisticated

A simple yet sophisticated shade sail in a natural colour won’t intrude on your yard’s character or make it appear overcrowded. This understated shade sail design is ideal for creating a natural feel or toning down a busy space. It can be used in almost all installations.


Commercial shade structures

Designs for commercial shade structures need to be selected extra carefully – your outdoor area is the first space that your patrons will see, after all. It makes up a part of your business’ branding and should align with the design concept of the space. For design inspiration for carports, cafés, bar areas, event spaces, courtyards and passageways and other commercial areas, take a look at some of our projects installing commercial shade sail structures on our website.


Carport shade sails

Shade sails are also great for keeping your car or boat protected from the sun without installing a full pergola or carport.

Reinvent your back yard this summer and create a space you’ll love to use. For queries about shade sails or more inspiration for shade sail designs, contact the friendly team at Aldinga Home Improvementstoday. We’re happy to recommend shade sail options suitable for your back yard, business or event within your budget.