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Infographic: How to Add Value to your Property
Whether you’re looking to sell your home or live in it for years to come, renovations and extensions are both great options. A little bit of handiwork can give your property the edge it needs on the market or transform it into the home you’ve always wanted.    Take a look at our infographic above.
In The Know: What to Look for in a Home Improvement Company
Choosing the right home improvement contractor could be the difference between bringing your home vision to life and, well, ending up with something that’s just not quite right. Or worse, you could end up with a new structure that’s not safe, steady or durable. It’s important to choose a contractor who understands your design concept and can deliver exceptional service. But how can you go about finding a contractor you can trust? Take a look at our ...
How Does Terrain Affect my Garage or Shed?
The terrain that your property rests on can have a significant impact on the design, stability and even safety of your shed, so it’s important to seek expert advice before commencing any DIY projects.   If you’re looking to install a garage or shed on steep, hilly or high-wind terrain, take a look at our insider tips below before getting to work.   Know Your Terrain Category Terrain Categories are ...
Things to Consider When Choosing a Patio or Pergola
Installing a patio or pergola lets you extend your living area into the outdoors. That means enjoying the outdoors without suffering the full brunt of the harsh Adelaide sun in summer, and without enduring chilly draft on winter nights. Aldinga Home Improvements has patio and pergola designs perfect for each extreme – and for the whole year ‘round.   If you’re having trouble choosing the right patio or pergola design for your outdoor area, take a ...
Best Shade Sail Design Ideas
If you’re ready to rediscover your backyard or your business’ courtyard this summer, but are not committed to investing in a patio or pergola, a shade sail is an economic way to protect your family, guests or workers from the harsh Adelaide sun. While the humble shade sail might not initially strike you as a central outdoor design element, they can in fact have a huge bearing on the final look and feel of your outdoor area. It’s important ...
Get Covered with a Patio this Summer
It’s often said that we like to live outdoors in Australia, and in the Adelaide summer, that couldn’t be truer. When the sun is shining we congregate around barbecues, pools, picnic spreads and backyard cricket sessions. But, unfortunately for us Aussies, going home with a scorched neck and beetroot red nose is all too common. Australians are great at staying sun smart when out and about, but when it comes to our own backyards we can become complacent and ...
Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home - A Guide for First Homebuyers
If you thought you had found your dream home, but have discovered some downfalls there’s no need to despair. Every home is a work in progress and with a little bit of creativity you can enhance its value and bring your vision to life. Creating a great home doesn’t take a complete overhaul, just some clever little tweaks.   If you want to make the most out of your property now and increase its value ...
Steel vs Timber - What`s Best for Carports and Verandahs?
Carports and verandahs are some of the most practical and stylish additions to any home. From summer barbeques to everyday protection for our vehicles, these elegant extensions add value and versatility. If you want to make your house a home or increase its value before sale it only makes sense to have a verandah or carport installed, but what type of material should you use? Steel and timer are the two major players in the outdoor extension market, ...
5 Reasons Why Verandahs and Carports Add Value to Your Home
If you’re thinking about selling your home or you just want to increase the value of your property, you might have considered some serious home improvements. Major renovations and extensions can seem daunting, but many people go ahead with them because they think it’s the best way to add value to their homes. The truth is, most homes don’t need a complete makeover, but more of a touch up, and a few added features can make a world ...