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Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home - A Guide for First Homebuyers

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If you thought you had found your dream home, but have discovered some downfalls there’s no need to despair. Every home is a work in progress and with a little bit of creativity you can enhance its value and bring your vision to life. Creating a great home doesn’t take a complete overhaul, just some clever little tweaks.

If you want to make the most out of your property now and increase its value at sale time, property experts recommend spending a maximum of 10% of the value of your home on renovations. Smart home improvements for first home buyers thus need to be affordable and long lasting to maximise the return on investment. To give inspiration ahead of your renovation, here are 5 easy and affordable ways for first home buyers to add value to their homes.

1. Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Nothing says amazing like an outdoor entertainment area. If you’ve got some room to move in your back garden consider creating an excellent outdoor space. A verandah can enhance your outdoor area by bringing the best parts of nature right to your back door. With a verandah on the back of your house and a timber floor at your feet, you can create a sophisticated entertainment area where you can sit back and relax or host an awesome party.

Home-grown tip #1: If verandahs aren’t your style why not try a patio or a pergola . Enjoy the same great benefits of outdoor entertainment with a design to suit your needs.

2. Enhance Your Storage Space

Nothing makes a home look worse than constant clutter does, and that’s why innovative storage solutions are essential to any good property. Inside your home consider cupboards and drawers that make the most of vertical and horizontal space and consider things like wall hangings to keep your benches clean. Outside the house, garages and sheds are a great storage option. You can keep everything from the family car to your bicycles and even your tools tucked away. Great steel sheds and garages are completely stable and are made to last, meaning you don’t need to worry about security or damage either.

3. Love Your Garden with Landscaping

If you want your new home to look good and feel great then a beautiful garden is the way to go. Make a great first impression by planting a range of colourful plants and flowers around your front yard. Complete the look with classic concrete paths that add shape and character to your yard. You can even consider coloured concrete to match your flower selection.

Home-grown tip #2: While you’re laying your garden paths, why not re-concrete your driveway too. Great first impressions count and everyone will see your driveway on auction day or during an open house!

4. Finish it Off With A Fence

Speaking of bringing style and shape to your garden, fencing is an easy way to increase the value of your property. A great fence won’t just look fantastic, it will provide security, privacy and safety features too. If your new home has a swimming pool you might need a safety fence or maybe a classic picket fence is the best option for your home.

Home-grown tip #3: Ask your home improvement expert about enhancing your fence with an automatic gate.

Consider an Innovative Window Furnishing

Window furnishings are a wonderful way to control the light, heat, and atmosphere in your home, no matter the time of day. Consider an innovative window solution with custom-built roller shutters. Shutters can provide complete privacy, security and protection to your home and they’re more durable than traditional options like curtains and drapes. Shutters combine modern design with complete usability to get the most out of any home.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to add value to your house and make it a home in the process. Do you have any easy and affordable home improvement tips? Share them in the comments below.

If you’d like any of these ideas and more renovation innovations for your home, contact the team at Aldinga Home Improvements. Our home improvement services are affordable and long lasting helping you to enjoy a higher return on your investment in the future. From design to installation in Adelaide, we can take care of all your home improvement needs.

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