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How Big Are Carports

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When it comes to building a carport the most common question seems to be ‘What size carport should I get?”. While thinking about building a carport it is important to consider how your carport will be used. Are you using it purely for housing your vehicle(s)? Perhaps you need it to be large enough to comfortably fit your work truck or motor home, or would you like to be able to use it for extra storage? There are so many varied uses for a carport and because of this there is not one standard size. 

More often than not carports are among those structures that you’ll only get to build once, so getting the size right is incredibly important. Making sure you have selected the correct size for your needs proves to also be beneficial in terms of protecting your investment for the long term.

Let’s have a look at how the industry classifies carport shelters in length, width, and height in order to help you make the best choice for you! 

The Different Industry Sizes

Carport sizes are classified into two main categories: 

 • Single (3m x 6m carports – This is standard) 

• Double (6m x 6m carports – Double Carport) 

For anything larger we can custom design a carport to suit your specific requirements.

Factors That Affect the Size of Carport Installed At Your Residence 

There are a few definitive factors that can limit the size of carport that you can have installed at your residence. These include:

• Vehicle Type The type of vehicle you have determines the dimensions of every carport. For example, a single carport may be able to accommodate a regular car. However, if you feel that there is little room left to move, then it may be a good idea to opt for a wider carport. If you are accommodating larger vehicles such as 4WD’s and trailers, double or triple carports would provide you with adequate space.

• The Number Of Vehicles You Have Another consideration to take into account when choosing the correct size carport is the number of vehicles you are planning on accommodating. A major consideration should be the amount of space between the vehicles when parked. Vehicle doors should be able to open freely without hitting or touching another vehicle. two medium to large cars would fit comfortably within a double garage. 

• Height Of Vehicles Suitable height consideration ensures that there is enough clearance for your vehicle. The standard measurement for the majority of carports is a minimum of 3 metres which is fitting for average vehicles. If you do own a larger vehicle that is slightly elongated at the mid-point, it’s suggested to consider increasing the height dimensions of your carport. 

• Future Consideration Remember to consider the future when building your carport. Is there a possibility of upgrading to a larger car model? Or will there be an increase in the number of vehicles you need to accommodate? By thinking about these things now, it will save you the trouble of having extend or build a new carport in the future.

Determining The Right Size For Your Carport 

To accurately determine the best size carport for your home measure your largest vehicle(s) from front to back, its vertical elongation and from side to side. By constructing a carport of the right size you can save yourself money on extra materials in the future. 

Also be sure to take the time to ensure that your carport is constructed out of the best steel to ensure that you are acquiring the best quality and protection for your vehicle(s). Here at Aldinga Home Improvementswe use 100% Australian Colorbond Steel to ensure only the best quality for you and your home.

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