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How Does Terrain Affect my Garage or Shed?

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The terrain that your property rests on can have a significant impact on the design, stability and even safety of your shed, so it’s important to seek expert advice before commencing any DIY projects.

If you’re looking to install a garage or shed on steep, hilly or high-wind terrain, take a look at our insider tips below before getting to work.

Know Your Terrain Category

Terrain Categories are used to measure the wind-breaking effect of an area based on the buildings, trees and other obstructions in the area. Simply put, the more wind obstructions there are around your shed, the higher the Terrain Category.

The categories range from Category 1 with “Exposed open terrain with few or no obstructions”, to Category 4 which includes “Terrain with numerous large, high and closely spaced obstructions such as large city centres”.

If you’re building in a suburban area, it’s likely that your shed will be constructed on Category 3 terrain. Any good shed provider will be able to assist you in choosing the right materials, position and overcoming installation difficulties associated with your wind region. If you’re unsure of your Category, contact your local council to find out.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Terrain

Steel is the most popular (and arguably the most sensible) design choice for free-standing sheds and garages in Adelaide. In most cases, the use of BlueScope steel is recommended for steep or windy blocks as its light, sturdy and durable characteristics make it ideal for withstanding high winds and prevent it from sinking, sliding or dipping from its own weight, which can be a risk with heavier materials.

However, depending on the shed’s usage requirements, other materials may be more suitable. Talk to your shed supplier to find out if BlueScope steel is suitable for your usage requirements and the surrounding terrain.

For garages and sheds being built on steep or windy blocks, garage roller doors are usually the most practical and convenient door option. Compared to other door types – like hinged doors, which risk becoming stuck on upward slopes – garage roller doors are easier to manage. In some projects, other door types will work best, in which case your supplier can make a recommendation.

Don’t Try to DIY

If you’re not professionally qualified to build structures on a sloped block, it can be very unsafe to try it on a garage or shed. This is a space that needs to be safe to enter at all times, so it’s best to call in the experts. The potential impact of a DIY installation is that your shed could be rickety, unsuitable for your wind region and dangerous to your family and neighbours during a storm. Don’t leave it to chance – call in a licensed contractor to be sure the installation runs smoothly and the structure is safe.

To learn more about garage and shed designs suitable for your property, contact the experts at Aldinga Home Improvements. We design and manufacture garages and sheds and have more than 25 years’ experience installing garages in Adelaide. Call our friendly team on (08) 8550 7710 for enquiries.

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