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Steel vs Timber - What`s Best for Carports and Verandahs?

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Carports and verandahs are some of the most practical and stylish additions to any home. From summer barbeques to everyday protection for our vehicles, these elegant extensions add value and versatility. If you want to make your house a home or increase its value before sale it only makes sense to have a verandah or carport installed, but what type of material should you use? Steel and timer are the two major players in the outdoor extension market, but which is best for your home? Well luckily for you our experts have done some digging and are ready to present you with everything you need to know to choose the right material for your perfect carport or verandah.

Steel Is Sturdy, Whatever the Weather

No matter where you live around Australia, it’s important that you get an outdoor space that can survive in any weather. Timber carports and verandahs look beautifully rustic, but they don’t have the same toughness that steel can provide. Steel can easily withstand four seasons in one day and it’s sure to be the more structurally safe option in harsh climates.

Modern Design for Lasting Style

You don’t just want your verandah to last forever you want it to stay in style too. Steel is modern and sleek and is made to suit any home. Steel carports can give your whole home a modern touch or seamlessly blend with your existing contemporary architecture. Steel does not require repainting like timber and is glossy, streamlined and has a cleaner. Because steel doesn’t crack or warp like timber can, it will look much better for longer. For suburban style that’s sure to last, steel is the sensible choice.

Create with Colour

You might think that a steel installation will leave your home looking drab, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Steel doesn’t just come in a metallic shade anymore. There are a range of dynamic colours available for carports and patios that can make a statement on the outside of your home. Timber gives you some variety too but you are generally limited to earthy, natural hues. If this doesn’t suit the style of your home then steel is certainly for you!

Money Matters

Now for the all-important question – which one is going to leave you worse off in the wallet department? From materials all the way through to installation, steel is usually the more expensive option for carports and verandahs. Their superior materials and timeless design is more expensive to source and requires a more firm installation. But what steel loses in upfront costs it can make up for in maintenance. Steel installations are usually maintenance-free for the life of your carport or patio while timber structures require quite a bit of upkeep. To save on the upfront costs you choose timber, but for a long-term solution choose steel.

For everything from expert advice to quality installations in Adelaide, choose the team at Aldinga Home Improvements. Their stylish steel carports and verandahs are available in the Colorbond range and are sure to enhance your home and improve its value.

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